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Bank Connector API

The Bank Connector API allows you to use our Open Banking AISP service to ask users to connect their bank accounts.

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Behavioural Score API

The Behavioural Score API allows you to send us Open Banking transaction data and receive a Credit Passport behavioural score in return.

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Financial Score API

The Financial Score API allows you to send SME financial accounts data and receive a Credit Passport Financial score in return.

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Sample Credit Passport Behavioural Score

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GET /score/behavioural/10002

"RatingBands": [
"Scale": "aaa",
"Label": "A++",
"Description": "Excellent",
"Frequency": 997,
"Ratings": [
"Class": "aaa",
"UpperLimit": 0.000185,
"ImpliedRating": "Aaa.edf"

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